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We are a company situated in Sweden. We are distributors of leading golfaids, golfaccessories and sport practice products. We select the best products we can find all over the world and sell them through our retailers and our online store in Sweden and sometimes in the Nordic countries; Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Our products help golfteachers and students to improve their teaching and their learning. A faster way is a better way, why use old ways to learn when you can use faster and better ways. Our products will simplify your practice in any sport.

Speed up learning

We want to shorten learning curves of new golf technique. With the right golfaids you get instant feedback on what is right and what is wrong. The key is instant feedback, if your brain get feedback (instant) it will shorten your learning curve dramaticly. If students can practice on their own with instant feedback results will come within weeks or month not years and years.

Since our golfseason is not all-year-around, our learning is much more important, if you rest a few month or more it's almost like starting over for the body. With right golfaids and teaching you can be on the right track a lot faster.

Peak performance and health care products

Our line of peak performance and body recovery products and health care products have the last 5 years increased a lot and our products is easy to use and give your great and fast results. We always test and use our products before we offer them to our customers and retailers, so you only get the best.

If you have any questions or ideas please don't hesitate to contact us by email, fax or phone.

Yours sincerely Extra Pro www.extrapro.se

Jan-Erik Olofsson Sales Manager

Phone/Fax: +46 612 104 45


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